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Our Health and Wellness programme is the latest programme to be set up for the Smile Brigade and
is being led by Taisie Grant.

It is designed to offer both clients and volunteers a selection of activities that aim to help support
their overall mental and physical health and will include everything from movement, mindfulness,
meditation, breathwork, nutrition and cooking tips.

Activities will be offered both on and offline to ensure that all clients are catered for.

Online activities will be offered as both live and pre-recorded sessions and over time, will form a
bank of classes and workshops that our clients and volunteers can access as and when they need. 

Taisie is passionate about providing services to people to enable them to help build confidence and
offer toolkits to help live a more fulfilled and connected life.

Connecting to our bodies and minds is one of the best ways to help us navigate challenging times
and make ourselves more resilient. There is no better way to do this than through movement,
breathwork and mindfulness and of course getting to understand our bodies better.



Movement is key to help keep our bodies and minds healthy with a plethora of research to show
it improves joint health, increases muscle strength and durability, and also helps many chronic
diseases. It is also proven to help improve happiness through a myriad of benefits including
everything from reducing stress and combating depression to clearing your mind and boosting
psychological wellbeing

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