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Our community kitchen is a community lead initiative - encouraging local residents of all backgrounds and circumstances to connect and develop positive and healthy relationships over a shared love and mutual interest of food and music. 

Our meals are made entirely of surplus food which would have otherwise gone wasted and unused, donated via local businesses - which we then turn into delicious and nutritious meals offered to local residents. 

Our community kitchen provides the opportunity for residents experiencing loneliness and isolation along with those on low incomes, with the chance to have a free meal and learn new and transferable skills, whilst building confidence, maintaining independence and alleviating the effects of loneliness, poverty and isolation. 

Each week we invited local musicians - be it a school choir or entertainer to come and perform at our community kitchen - adding to the fun, vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, with many of our guests often joining in – creating a truly unique space where everyone from all walks of life is welcome.

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