For volunteer week we would like to showcase a series of powerful portraits showcasing our wonderful volunteers who have worked so hard and selflessly throughout the year and in particular those who have helped us throughout the pandemic be it by delivering meals or helping out with logistics. 

photography by https://melbrownstudios.co.uk/


Ellis Tustin

"Since the outbreak I wanted to help where I can, sadly after losing my Grandfather to Covid 19 on Easter Sunday I became more inspired to get involved where I can and after meeting Monique I knew this would be the right place for me.

Covid has been a mixed time for me, work has ceased but I am doing live comedy shows online to keep creative. I have also established 'names not numbers' a campaign to help campaign for those lost to COVID-19 and hold those in power accountable for their actions .
Coming away from this I am sure I will carry on working in the community and be much more aware of how if you want to get involved and make a change, you can!

I'm going to continue to campaign for Government Accountability and aim to hold marches for those lost".


Rachel Blackmore

I am a volunteer delivery driver for the small brigade.

I like helping people, and I like responding to need. I feel it is important that we all have enough to eat.

I have found plenty to do during Covid as I see people during my caring job And I get to talk to my family on zoom

it is nice being able to help with The Smile Brigade seeing people at their door with a smile is one of my best memories helping on this project and I'm enjoying getting to know the area more


Nikos Souslous

I am a volunteer at The Smile Brigade, I'm 25 years old and grew up in Greece and now I live in Hammersmith and Fulham since 2013

as soon as the crisis started I wanted to do something that kept me busy, productive, and above all , helped others. I saw The Smile Brigade on social media and was instantly attracted to its local mission, vision and community lead nature.

Given the circumstances covid has gone well . The Smile Brigade keeps me very busy and productive and I have met some wonderful people, both other volunteers and people we deliver to.

It has certainly made my life better and compensates for being away from friends and family and being out of work.

I will take away from this experience a sense of communal spirit, a comraraderie . Hopefully I will stay in touch with the wonderful people I have met here. An even greater appreciation of community especially in Hammersmith and Fulham also a determination to carry on doing similar work both as a volunteer and professionally.


Simon English

Originally from Sussex I am a radio journalist living in Fulham

I wanted to use my spare time to help people in my area in a less fortunate position

it is sometimes difficult not being able to do the things we're all used to doing, like seeing friends and family. I'm fortunate to still be working which has kept me busy.

I will definitely remember the positive spirit of everyone who volunteers here and I'm sure that will stick with me once we return to normal.

I'd like to continue volunteering if I can.


Sophie Thorn
I currently work at a school for children with complex needs. I have been helping The Smile Brigade since 2016. I also help out at the north kensington community kitchen, helping families affected by grenfell. I have found covid really hard to live through. The experience that will stay with me the most, is that I am helping those in need within the community, during these hard times.


Charlie Mills
I am a retired magistrate And I am helping deliver food for The Smile Brigade.
some people have been very seriously impacted by Covid and it is important that those more fortunate and who are able rally around.


Sydney Fisher and Prudence Fisher

we are sisters and our volunteer delivery driver, we wanted to be able to use this time to help people and support a local business

during covid, day today at life has changed, but the support everyone has shown to the people around them has been incredible

I will take away the way that everyone who can, has come together to help. 

Everyone is working towards the same goal.