The Smile Brigade work closely within the homeless community. We believe that meaningful activities give homeless people something positive to do, whilst building confidence and self esteem, as well as a chance to develop key skills and build up social networks away from the streets.


The Smile Brigade also work closely with a wide range of professionals who can offer health and wellbeing services such as hairdressing, podiatry, dentistry, opticians, massage and relaxation to name a few.





As well as offering free services to the homeless we have been doing weekly food handouts since December 2012.


To find out more about our food handouts, click here.


As we age, our ability to carry out certain tasks is greatly affected. As well as maintaining good phsyical health and remaining active it is also important to look after our emotional health and wellbeing. 


Many elderly find themselves increasingly isolated, alone and cut off from the rest of the world, with little to no social contact or interaction.


The Smile Brigade aim to offer free services and activities to elderly people as a positive way of encouraging independance, communication and expression of feelings.


Our activities also help people to feel valued and gain a sense of belonging whilst also getting vital social interaction.



The Smile Brigade offer a free Karaoke and Cupcake service for the elderly. Come and join us for a sing song over some tea and cupcakes! 


To find out more about our Karaoke and Cupcake service, click here.