Monique Newton

When it comes to recovery and personal wellbeing, especially for those who have been isolated or marginalised from society - be it due to homelessness, age or ill health, I think that people are often quick to overlook not only the therapeutic effect but also the physical and mental health benefits of taking part in regular and meaningful activity.

Having spent some time in hospital recovering from clinical depression, it was through attending individual and group sessions - such as art and creative writing groups, that I was able to rediscover a sense of self worth and purpose.

Finally, it was through finding a love and a passion for fitness that I was truly able to find myself whilst gaining confidence and learning new skills.

I feel very strongly that everyone - regardless of age or circumstances should have the opportunity to access free services and be able to partake in regular and meaningful activity which will ultimately give vulnerable people the skills and the confidence they need to integrate back into their communities and feel like valued and loved members of society.


Josh Warner


Having worked in many of Fulham's most well known and loved eateries including; The Captain Cook, The Sands End and The Imperial - Josh will be a familiar face to many locals who frequently eat out. A well versed chef in differen't culinary styles as well as traditional cuisine - Josh will be in charge of the catering at our community kitchen. He will also be delivering cooking sessions to local residents who would like to learn how to cook delicious and nutritious meals. 

You can try his tasty food for free at our community kitchen every Tuesday from 12-2pm at Clem Attlee Hall, Fulham, SW6 7TN (starting from 13th August 2019) 

Sous chef

Naomi lumsdaine

“Naomi is an Italian trained chef who has specialised in pastry.

Having managed front of house at a family pub and restaurant for many years, Naomi decided to go to Italy to train as a Chef in 2015. Initially, she worked in a self sustained community of 1500 people who all live and work there for four years, whilst recovering from addiction and mental health issues.

Her experience lies in high volume food production, management and service as well as having completed a course in advanced artisan baking and managing the pastry section at one of Italys most reputable pizzerias.

Naomi’s core values are in service to others, kindness and reliability and she wishes to always work in a way that reflects this”

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